Why Field Trips Are Important For The Preschool Curriculum

Preschool Curriculum

Preschool Curriculum

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A quality preschool helps in the development and growth of your child. It provides a safe space for the enhancing of their growth- emotionally, socially, physically and academically. Children are known to be very impressionable, which makes interactive learning one of the best ways in which children can learn. Well organized and appropriate field trips are a vital part of interactive learning because they provide a hands-on experience for children. This hands-on approach to learning helps your child connect what they have been taught in class to what they see in the real world. The incorporation of field trips to the Preschool curriculum is very important because not only does the child absorb what they have been taught, but they unlock a new level understanding by forming their own links between theory and reality.

Benefits Of Well-Planned Field Trips

Well-planned field trips provide an enrichment to preschool programs and benefit children greatly. These field excursions are more advantageous when they are relevant to topics covered in the curriculum. Methods of teaching are constantly changing in order to find the best teaching tools suitable for children. Field trips still seem to be one of the leading ways in which a child learns. Here are some advantages of appropriate educational field trips:

  • Increase in interest and attention span.
  • Help in forming links of what is taught to reality, helps your child understand the world around them.
  • Allows for different cultural experiences and gives your child a broader global view.
  • Increase in understanding and grades.
  • Enthusiasm for further learning.
  • Support for the development of cognitive skills.

Besides the educational benefit of field trips, they can also prove to be a welcome and appreciated break from a structured routine and schedule. They can enhance your child’s sense of adventure and allow them to be open to new ideas and places. The excitement and enthusiasm for learning that well-planned field trips provide is critical for childhood development. Effective Learning not only occurs when the teacher is able to teach effectively but also when the child is willing to learn.

Ensuring The Success Of Educational Field Trips

To integrate field trips effectively in the preschool curriculum, a lot of pre-planning and preparation is done. Field trips are only as good as their planning. Well planned, inclusive and relevant field trips produce the desired enhancement of your child’s education. The age and development level of children is factored in the planning process, to make sure that children at a preschool level are able to comprehend what they are shown and are not confused by complex sightings. Safety procedures, means of transport, as well as chaperones are also planned out accordingly.

Interactive activities in preschool learning have proven to add value to the way a child comprehends what they are taught, with field trips in the curriculum. Together with Stone Brook Academy, the road to your child’s future looks a lot smoother.

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