The Best Preschool Curriculum

preschool curriculum

preschool curriculum

A preschool curriculum forms the basis for the first stages of your child’s learning in a school environment. This means it needs to be of a high standard and have the right balance between diverse types of education and learning styles.

The syllabus should support methods of learning through experiences such as group and individual playtime and activities. In preschools, you can find an array of curriculum approaches. At Stone Brook Academy, we value a child-focused syllabus that recognizes the significant role of play in a child’s learning and development. The preschool curriculum must be inclusive of all personalities, characteristics, backgrounds, and learning styles. It is difficult to outline a limited set of prerequisites for a preschool program given its diversity and adaptability. But we have listed a few essential ingredients needed to create the best preschool curriculum so that your child is guaranteed to have an enriching, holistic learning experience.

  • Assessments

    Now we’re not saying that pre-schoolers should sit down to write tests once a week. But any program and any teacher implementing it needs to be able to monitor your child’s development throughout the year. This can be carried out in simple ways such as observing how a child interacts and engages with others. The development of children in other areas, such as their emotional and mental learning, must be supervised, monitored, recorded and communicated to parents. Learning should be mapped and traced to provide insight into the child and their development.

  • Craft Projects

    Children learn through play and a learning program must value this aspect. But craft projects do more than give you a lovely turkey painted on a paper plate to be stuck on your fridge. They foster creativity and imagination. Depending on the type of project, crafts can allow your child to think and act more independently or develop how they interact in groups. This hands-on activity can also improve your child’s fine motor skills. Painting and sticking on pieces of cardboard require your child to be mentally and physically focused. Children become active learners and explorers, rather than just passively going through the day in front of books or boards.

  • Technology

    If used in the right way by knowledgeable teachers, technology is a valuable addition to the classroom. It creates an enriching, stimulating environment which makes children excited to learn. This resource has unlimited possibilities in child development. Technology such as Clever touch boards allows children to interact with and become active in their learning. In the 21st century, we need to embrace technology as a way of strengthening and enhancing learning experiences.

  • Child-Focused

    The preschool classroom is not about a teacher standing at the front throwing instructions at the children. Preschool is not about the teacher and their teaching. Preschool is about the child and their learning and this must be reflected in the program. Unstructured play, which can involve children coming up with their own games, roles and rules allows them to be independent and expand their minds. Socializing, problem-solving, conflict-resolution and other forms of social, emotional and physical development are all central in a child-focused curriculum.

  • Inclusive and Adaptable

    The preschool curriculum needs to be appropriate to that age group. But more specifically, it needs to accommodate all learners in that classroom. Children learn and develop in different ways at different rates. Some kids learn best through touch (tactile), other kids learn through watching (visual) or listening (auditory). Some learn better in bigger groups, while others prefer to be in smaller groups or on their own. A successful curriculum will be mindful of these variances. All children deserve access to a program that encourages and guides their development, in whatever form that development may occur.

The preschool curriculum effects, and even determines, the intellectual, social, emotional, physical development of your child. For this reason, it is so important that it’s of the highest standard. Highly skilled teachers teaching in a nurturing, productive space will deliver the educational program in special and invaluable ways.

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