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Our Programs

We are a family owned business with a heart for children and families. Stone Brook Academy affirms that children are dynamic and diverse in their development. Therefore, our intention is to pursue an engaging, rewarding, and comprehensive partnership cultivated through our families and the community.



  • Our state of the art technology serves an important adjunct to our childcare education.
  • Studies show that children learn best through play. Learning can be enhanced through technology.
  • Our classrooms are safe, nurturing environments for children six weeks to preschool age — we offer age-appropriate opportunities to explore and discover.
  • Our highly trained teachers lead each child to reach developmental milestones, preparing your child for social and academic success.
  • We know that meeting your child where they are developmentally is vital. Therefore, we surround them with exceptional nurturing care.


Our education is based on enhancing each child’s individuality.

We believe that children are worthy of respect as well as celebration. Our curriculum emphasizes language, literacy, cognitive development, play, social-emotional skills, physical activity, and creativity.

Programs we offer:

Young Toddlers
Older Toddlers
Preschool/ Pre-K

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Pressure in conforming to certain fashions in schools can be powerful.

With a childcare uniform program,  tensions driven by fashion trends and brand names are eliminated. It also assists with increasing safety as it identifies where the children belong. Uniforms bring about community and a sense of belonging. They are practical, economical, enforce the educational vision especially in a daycare setting — and as a bonus for parents, make it simple to get ready for the day! At Stone Brook Academy we believe this to be true and have implemented a comfortable yet simple uniform for toddlers through preschool.

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