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Your child learns best in his or her home language, and when they encounter a different language such as English for example, it may be a bumpy ride. Communication learning in preschool however goes beyond language, and can include things such as pictures and songs. Using their home language as a tool to better communicate in preschool is an interesting journey for you and your little one. Through our preschool programs Stone Brook Academy can help your child communicate more accurately using their home language, so that eventually they can become better learners overall.

Communicating In Home Languages

The importance of teaching your child how to communicate properly cannot be stressed enough. When kids learn to embrace proper communication skills, it builds confidence, promotes a better understanding of what is being conveyed, and helps them to articulate their needs and desires, as well as their fears and things that they may not understand. This builds a strong foundation where they can give knowledge as well as receive it. If children cannot articulate accurately how they understand something, it would be hinder their academic progress. The knowledge may be there, but the ability to accurately convey this knowledge, won’t be. This is why communication learning in preschool is a refining exercise, and it helps that communication does not need to be restricted to verbal language, so that children can all learn communication in a fun and fair environment.

Language Communication

It goes without saying that if communication is going to yield any good results, it will have to include a language. It is ok to communicate to your child in a different language that is not their home language, as long as they understand this language. Talking is the best way to help refine learning in a second language – at preschool teachers will often invest in communication learning through things like hosting a day where the children can chat about how their weekend was, what they did, and with whom. Other communication exercises your child may encounter in their preschool program is a “bring your favorite toy to school” day, where kids can talk about why their chosen toy is their favorite. during activities like this the teacher will often interject and ask the little ones to discuss who helped them pick out the toy, and if the color of the toy is their favorite color – this exercise stimulates children into thinking about the questions they are being asked, and formulating an appropriate answer. There are many ways that parents can mirror communication lessons taught at school, at home. These include:

  • Reading to your kids, and asking them to help you read out loud, if they want
  • Singing songs in English and in other languages, for those who know nursery songs in a different language
  • Playing games like “I spy”
  • Watch educational animated films, pausing and asking your child to describe what’s going on. ​​​​​​

Non-Language Communication

Pictures are pretty much a universal language so to speak, and incorporating pictures into preschool learning programs can help refine communication learning too, especially where English is not your child’s home language. Using pictures to tell stories from an English story book, or to explain something, is both fun and educational. Put up pictures of numbers, shapes, and items from nature and the home, and make sure that the names of the items are at the bottom. If relevant, help your child to point out to the picture if they are struggling to articulate or to understand something.

Emotions are also a good vehicle to use if you would like to help your child communicate, as long as it’s done in a balanced, healthy way. Again, put up pictures showing what the different emotions look like on a person’s face or body language and help kids to identify these. PRO TIP: remember to communicate that anger, jealousy, envy and sadness are ok as long as it is dealt with in a healthy and fair way.

Communication is the vehicle used to learn, and having a good communication bridge with your child means that they will become better learners. Because we live in a globalized society where the world is becoming smaller, everyone’s home language may not be the the same. This means that communication may need to be refined and tweaked, becoming more creative and fun for the little ones in preschool. Nobody understands this better than Stone Brook Academy, so give us a call on (763) 710-4478 and have a chat to us about coming enrolling your child in our preschool programs.

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