Preschool Learning With Hands-On Activities

Preschool Learning

Preschool Learning

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Preschools care for children during their developmental stages of growth. A preschool that offers a nurturing environment will be sure to support your child with the best opportunities to learn and grow. A quality daycare will offer preschool programs that cover a variety of developmental skills, using the various technological resources available in modern day to merge with the child-like play that is expected of children of preschool age. Both hands-on activities and technology have a place in preschool learning.

Hands-On Activities At Preschool

Hands-on activities in preschool has shown to be an excellent method of learning for decades. Research has shown that hands-on learning is best for early development, despite the recent push for a more ‘formal’ academic environment.

The education system is constantly shifting, and it is important to find a preschool that prioritizes hands-on learning in order to help with growth and development. A child’s attention span is limited, and hands-on activities keep children entertained whilst learning.

In the preschool environment, these activities include exploring different materials, learning through actionable experience, interacting with other students, moving around the space, and being asked challenging questions.

The Value Of Hands-On Activities

Touch is one of the most important senses for development as it helps children grasp the concept of the three-dimensional world. Being able to physically interact with objects is known to help children understand how they work. As young children are highly curious, tactile experiences add an additional layer to understanding that surpasses the ability of verbal and visual communication.

These types of activities help children make a connection between words and actions, developing spatial thinking which is a vital foundational element in the concept of mathematics and physics.

Children also stay engaged in a lesson for longer periods of time when a lesson involves hands-on activities as it keeps them moving.

Hands-on activities overlap across a variety of different learning areas such as mathematics, literacy, social, and motor skills. Sensory play is more than just fun – it’s an incredible learning experience. Through different activities, children can explore their senses of smell by smelling (and describing) different items, sight by identifying colors and shapes, hearing by listening to different sounds that items make when they move, touch by experiencing the various texture of items, and even learning to distinguish different forms of taste.

Items can become props to be used in refining preschool math skills. Consider the endless possibilities of comparing sizes, exploring the notion of quantity and basic mathematics sums. Fine motor skills are developed by exploring different textures, grasping different materials, kneading playdough and strengthening grip. In addition, language and conversation skills develop through discussion of experience and making up stories.

Examples Of Hands-On Activities

Building blocks are age-old favorites for a reason. They help children learn to sort shapes and develop their spatial thinking skills. These toys help spark interest in building and the concept of gravity.

Sensory bins are a popular addition to any classroom. Items such as seeds and sand can be added to a bin. Children can then explore these items with their senses, use the items to challenge math and motor skills, and further develop language and conversations skills. This can be replicated at home for parents to engage in some interactive activity with their children outside of the classroom.

Crafts are another way to get preschoolers engaged in the joys of creation. Various items can be used to give children an opportunity to get their hands dirty, experience different textures and create something unique.

Hands-on activities are a fun way for children to learn. Their attention is maintained, and their involvement heightened. A good preschool will understand the role of these activities in the development of your child, and strike the balance between these age-old ways of interaction, and the opportunities to learn modern technology.

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