Preschool Activities That Improve Memory

Preschool Activities

Preschool Activities

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When parents enroll their children in preschool, they do so in the hope their children will develop both mentally and physically. The one key area that some parents hope their children will develop more, is their memory. Preschool activities are designed with the key purpose of helping your child improve their memory, communication skills, and listening skills.

Improving Memory

Preschoolers are in the stage of development where they are not only growing physically, but are also developing mentally. At this age children are very susceptible to learning new skills and taking in new information. This is the age where learning new languages is the easiest. Learning new languages and increasing their vocabulary is a great way to begin improving your child’s memory. Here are some activities to further stimulate their growth.

  • Reading

    Preschool reading is a great way to encourage your child to increase their vocabulary and learn how to create complex sentences more fluidly. Reading puts a child in a position where they are learning to retain more words, and in doing so increasing their memory.

  • Play

    Preschool games, and most noticeably, board games help to improve a child’s focus. Having the games vary in length, with the reward of having fun, keep children engaged on a task, and in doing so improves their concentration spans. Other games requiring recall and repetition, are also advantageous to improving memory.

  • Creativity

    We teach children to be creative by art and craft. Creativity is often overlooked when improving your child’s memory. Finding a craft your child is excited about, encourages them to repeat the activity later on. This repetition, and ability to recall what worked for them previously encourages growth in memory.

  • Routine

    Preschool has an inherent routine to it. Arriving at school and leaving school at a certain time, fixed nap time, and meals, all become part of their daily routine. Routine stimulates a child’s memory as they are forced to recall the procedures of the day.

  • Long-Term Memory Training

    Nursery rhymes are more than just fun safe songs for your children to sing. Having long term memories stored requires the active use and recall of this information. Having a child sing a nursery rhyme, and then having them recall the rhyme by having them drawing characters or interpretations of the rhyme helps develop long term memory growth.

What a Parent Can Do To Help

The human brain only keeps short term information for less than a minute. Information that is stored longer tends to be connected to prior knowledge. Clever tricks you can do to improve memory is by creating lists and charts of differences or similarities with your child. Ensure all activities at home involve your child’s interests, and have those interests carry on into preschool. Stories are a great way to get your child to remember new things, as most children can create a pattern between hearing and remembering stories.

The most important thing when developing any trait in your child is to make sure that it is fun and engaging. Learning should never feel like a chore, but rather a game. At Stone Brook Academy, we put the highest emphasis on fun. We make sure every single one of our students enjoys their time with us, and are given opportunities to explore their interest and develop a positive attitude towards learning, developing them into strong healthy individuals. To find out more about us, or how we can help you and your child, please feel free to contact us at (763) 710-4478, or browse our available preschool programs.

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