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There comes a time in every parent’s life where they need to release their beloved child to the care and supervision of another. Depending on the individual situation, this may happen earlier rather than later for some. A nurturing infant daycare is the perfect solution for parents who need to return to work after having a baby.

Yet in many instances, parents struggle with a feeling of guilt at the idea of trusting the care of their infant with another, some even feel that they are committing an act of ‘abandonment’. This feeling is completely normal, and completely understandable – but not at all needed. There are many benefits of infant daycare that will contribute to your child’s development in a wonderful way. Choosing a licensed daycare for infants that offers a caring environment will give you the peace of mind to return to work, knowing that your infant is in good hands.

Benefits Of Infant Daycare

In addition to granting parents the opportunity to return to work, infant daycare centers contribute largely to the development of your infant. Here are just a few of the benefits that infant daycare offers.

  • Improvement Of Social Skills

    At daycare, your infant will be surrounded by other children. They will learn skills of interaction, sharing and playfulness. Interacting with other children and adults is vital for the social development of an infant.

  • Helping Long Term Health

    It’s true, young children are susceptible to infections and yes, exposing your infant to other children does increase the chance of your child getting sick. However, a JAMA Pediatrics journal shows research that highlights how children who attended daycare, and were exposed to different germs at a younger age, are healthier later on in their school career.

  • Boosting Independence And Adaptability

    Placing your child in the trust of an infant daycare gives your child an opportunity to become more independent on a daily basis. Whilst the staff at the daycare will most definitely be qualified and loving, by releasing your child from constantly relying on you as a parent, you are giving them an opportunity to explore new boundaries and adapt to new routines.

Prepare Yourself

It is important to remember that your child will not hold a grudge against you, and the initial sign of distress is merely a reaction to the introduction of a new routine.

Research by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) reveals that maternal care fares no better than child care in the success of children later on in school. If you carefully select a nurturing and high-quality child care, you are doing the best thing that you can for your child whilst simultaneously supporting your family financially.

The first thing to do in preparation is to choose an infant daycare that you can trust. Speaking to other parents that you trust and respect, doing online research, going on an infant daycare tour and understanding the philosophies of a center can help you with making an informed decision that leaves you confident and at peace.

Talking to the staff, asking burning questions, and visiting the premises of an infant daycare are important steps in making the transition from home to a facility. In addition, returning to work and contributing to the financial stability of the home is known to make parents feel confident and fulfilled.

Before the first day, create a positive and supportive atmosphere in the home so that your child understands the love that you have for them. After the first day, continue to invest time, care and attention in your relationship with your child. Use your free time in the evenings or on the weekend to spend quality time with your family, prioritizing the emotional bond between parent and child.

Remember that the most important thing is for your child to be happy, safe and healthy. Choosing an infant daycare that supports your child’s development and individuality is a great step for a parent to take in order to allow your child to grow and thrive.

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