Infant Child Care Tips

infant child care tips

infant child care tips

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As a parent, it can seem daunting to ensure that you are doing the right thing with your infant child. Your child is constantly on the go and growing, requiring much attention and energy. We’ve compiled a list of top infant child care tips to help make your life a little easier as well as help you feel more comfortable with the job of raising an infant.

9 Top Infant Child Care Tips for Your Child

There are a number of different strategies you as a parent can incorporate in helping your child feel loved and cared for. Below are 9 top tips to help with facilitating development, maturity and growth.

  1. Bond with Your Child

    Including your child in your activities (such as drawing and baking) provides an invaluable way to bond with your child. Your infant may be too small to participate in these activities, but by putting them in their high chair or close by while you measure ingredients or create drawings provides them with an opportunity to watch what you do and to spend time with you.

  2. Make Your Child Feel Loved

    It’s important to be demonstrative about showing love as a couple and to your child, as this can make them feel safe and supported. Affection and hugs go a long way to ensure that your child feels loved and that they can share their emotions.

  3. Be Generous with Your Validation

    Your infant needs validation and praise, for their confidence and self-esteem. By listening and respecting their feelings, they are taught to both identify and manage their emotions, and to address concerns or worries. This also encourages them to be open and honest about how they feel, two very important skills that infants need to develop.

  4. Set Appropriate Boundaries

    Structure is determined by boundaries, therefore it’s important to have some in place. Stability helps to develop healthy emotional growth and a child’s feeling of safety stems from knowing that their parents are in control. If you have more than one child, it’s an opportunity for them to learn to share, and to practice patience.

  5. Extend the Family (with a pet)

    A pet teaches responsibility and gives your infant a friend to bond with and eventually help care for. They’re a source of companionship and happiness and can help your child to develop an invaluable and positive attitude to animals.

  6. Encourage Outdoor Play

    Physical activity is an important part of caring for your infant as it encourages creativity and invigorates their spirit, while getting some fresh air in the process.

  7. Stick to a Routine

    Keep their bedtime consistent. Infants need structure and routine, and therefore a regular schedule can help to teach them order and ensure they’re getting enough sleep.

  8. Keep the Screen Time Minimal

    Limit the amount of screen time your child is exposed to, and make sure to balance this with plenty of outdoor play and fresh air. When applicable, try to keep the programming as educational as possible, so that if your child must watch, at least they might learn something too.

  9. Keep Mealtimes Balanced

    A top tip for caring for your infant is to feed their growing bodies with a balanced diet. This helps them to learn about nutrition, portion control, using cutlery and to be exposed to a variety of foods. This will help to eventually prepare them for preschool where they would be required to eat different foods by themselves with utensils.

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