How Preschool Programs Help with Cognitive Skills

Preschool Programs

Preschool Programs

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A common fear we hear from parents is they worry for their child’s future. This feeling is completely understandable in this day of college requirements and limited acceptance. Although preschool is a long way from college, developing your child’s cognitive skills is the best way to ensure they have the best start to life and can follow their dreams into the future. A preschool program should be more than just a day care for your child. It should stimulate them and encourage them, while simultaneously allowing them to develop both their social and cognitive skills in a comfortable and supportive environment, where they can reach their full potential at their own pace.

Measuring Growth

Before the age of five, it’s easy to see your child’s growth, as you see them physically grow. After this age, their physical growth may seem to slow down, but their mental growth is just beginning, and it’s important to stimulate the three areas of growth.

  • Vocabulary

    It’s a well-known fact that children learn new languages easier at a young age. They are more capable of understanding new words and start stringing together to form more complex sentences. This ability to learn and understand new words is not only beneficial in developing a larger vocabulary, but increases memory and the ability to retain more information. This then leads to understanding numbers and counting. The best way to improve your child’s vocabulary and memory is through preschool reading. At this age playing with blocks has also proven to increase a child’s ability to problem solve, communicate, and improve hand eye coordination.

  • Listening Skills

    With the ability to retain more information, improvement in your child’s listening skills is the next step. They will begin to understand instructions and follow through with them – the ability to follow instructions is a sign that their mental growth is positive. One of our most popular techniques in developing listening skills is by playing “telephone”. Children tend to imitate their parents, whether playing house, or dressing up as a parent. Children know at a young age what a telephone is and have observed how to use one. By giving a child a toy telephone, you allow them to imagine new situations, and find better ways to express their desires during play. This works toward the development of the ability to listen and take in information more meaningfully.

  • Imagination

    It’s often taken for granted that all children have strong imaginations, and which is directly connected to intelligence. During play, we encourage children to imagine any possible scenario, and use their environment and toys as tools to create their own worlds. Having an active imagination is the best way to nurture problem solving skills and communication skills.

Stimulating Imagination

The best way to stimulate your child’s imagination is through exposure. By sending your child to preschool, you are giving them the opportunity to be exposed to different identities, stories and worlds, not only through stories and games, but from also from their peers. Children from different backgrounds can introduce your child to their own cultures and customs, which helps them to expand and understand more topics of their world.

This exposure and understanding of the differences in the world leads them to develop a very important cognitive characteristic, empathy. Allowing your child to gain different perspectives through new characters and stories introduces a wider range of emotion to their lives. With the correct guidance, your child will learn how to better understand and relate to these new emotions.

Overall, preschool should be a fun and exciting place that your child looks forward to coming to, as playtime and preschool games are the best ways to encourage your child’s thirst to learn more. At Stone Brook Academy, education made fun is our priority. To find out more about us, and the programs we offer, please contact us at (763) 710-4478.

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