How Preschool Lessons Influence Life Long Learning

Preschool Lessons

Preschool Lessons

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From the moment your baby is born, right through toddler years and early childhood, their experiences shape who they become. These experiences are critical for your child’s development, because it determines the way they learn later in life as adults. This foundational development is seen as very important in education, therefore preschool lessons need to be tailored to meet the developmental needs of each child. By providing lessons in a safe environment that is rich in experience helps shape healthy development and learning for your child.

Why Is Development At Young Ages So Critical?

Psychologists have determined there are ‘critical periods’ of development for infants and young children. A critical period is a maturational stage in a person’s life span in which the central nervous system (nerve tissues like the brain and spinal cord) is particularly sensitive to certain environmental stimuli (events or changes in the environment that we experience). If a child does not receive the appropriate care and environmental stimuli, certain skills may not develop and, in some cases, become impossible to learn later on in life. Some of these developmental functions include: vision, auditory processing, language development, memory, music ability and the vestibular system.

How Do Preschool Lessons Assist With Development?

Children develop physical and cognitive abilities by learning through their environment. This happens through exploration and daily activities. Preschool and day care centers rich in opportunity take this into account when creating a safe and stimulating learning environment. Preschool lesson plans in a day care center are designed to help children reach and celebrate important developmental milestones too.  When children are able to explore and learn through a safe environment, it helps the brain and body develop. These good experiences can teach children the confidence to attempt and solve difficult problems. When a child has confidence to learn, they will be able to develop motivation to learn later on in life. All of these skills tie together and foster proper and healthy growth. A child who feels incapable of learning new things will not want to try, and so fostering a healthy learning approach is important for their growth.

How Do Children Learn?

Children in general learn differently to way adults do. It is also important to know that children learn at their own pace and develop differently to each other. They learn through of hands on activities, which are very important for their sensorimotor development and other skills.


Babies are born ready to learn and develop their brains by using them. A brain is like a muscle that needs to be exercised in order to grow and be used efficiently. Babies use their brains when interacting and learning from the environment.


Preschool lessons are tailored to allow for many learning opportunities and practice to help each preschooler grow at their own pace, as each child learns in their own way, with preferable methods.

Overall, preschoolers learn best when they have responsive and positive relationships with their main caregivers, and teachers can form part of these relationship circles. They mostly learn by exploring their environment, spending time playing, interacting with people and preschoolers of their own age, listening to others, and exploring their surroundings. An example of these can be feeling things with their fingers to explore their textures (think of sand in a sandpit, or feeling a pinecone), playing in water, listening to a parent read and point to pictures, as well as playing with other children and toys.

Other ways that preschoolers learn can be through simply observing people, watching their faces, listening to sounds, and asking lots of questions. Making simple choices such as what vegetables they want for dinner or even helping mom bake muffins can be an important learning experience.

At Stone Brook Academy, we have qualified teachers that provide these important daily experiences and actives making sure that your child will be equipped for successful long-life learning. We can help each child reach and celebrate their developmental milestones, preparing them for academic and social success.  As each child grows and develops at their own pace, enhancing this individuality in our child care education system is a must. In addition, our state-of-the-art technology serves as an important adjunct to our childcare education. Learning can be enhanced through this technology. We know the importance of preschool lessons and its influence on long life learning. Help us make your child grow into the best that they can be! Enroll today.

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