How Preschool Activities With Songs Help Learning And Memory

Preschool Activities

Preschool Activities

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Have you ever wondered why you can remember all the words to “The Wheels On The Bus”, but cannot quite remember where you put that important file or your car keys? Often it can feel like those rhyming songs have embedded themselves into your memory and cannot be forgotten, even if you tried to. Those preschool songs were designed to do more than keep you entertained, instead they played a vital part in your early development. Here we discuss how preschool activities with songs help preschool children learn and improve their memory.

How Do Children Learn Through Song?

Music is infamous for its ability to change the atmosphere in any room. In the classroom it does just that and more – it can help keep learners intrigued and alert to improve their overall learning experience. Preschool songs introduce a new, fun dimension to learning and can assist with language, social and cognitive skill development.

  • Language Skills

    Most preschool songs are filled with fun rhymes that children enjoy singing. As they sing along, children learn new language skills without even noticing it. One song can have many different tones and volumes at different parts. When singing these songs, children learn about the sounds of language naturally and learn about the different tones required to express different contexts and emotions. The rhymes in these songs can expand your child’s vocabulary.  Research has shown that children who have higher rhyme scores at preschool age have higher reading levels in later grades. When singing, children naturally pronounce the words to the song slower, in tune and learn new words and how to use them correctly. A balanced preschool curriculum should include songs that develop language skills and equip students to improve their communication skills.

  • Social Skills

    Including participatory songs into lessons can have a profound impact on preschool children’s social and emotional development. Research has shown that group movement and music activities can increase participating children’s empathy toward their peers and their social co-ordination. Some children may find it difficult to play or participate initially but using transition songs to introduce an activity can help prepare and ease children into the next activity. Using transition songs to alert children to the next part of their schedule can help them gain surety as they will have a better understanding of what is expected of them for the next part of their day. The song’s lyrics can teach students to be self-aware and can even teach them basic conversational skills – with a little creativity from the teacher, songs can have great educational value.

How Do Songs Help Children’s Memory?

Preschool games make learning fun. Turning the focal point of any lesson into a song with matching actions is a recipe for success. This is because pre-schoolers learn through repetition. No matter how old you are, you probably still remember an alphabet song – but there was once a time when you did not know your alphabet. Experienced preschool teachers can take your child by the hand and teach them in a way that they can relate to. Songs can make understanding new concepts a lot easier for children as they will learn the lyrics and come to understand the concepts with greater ease. When students recall these nursery rhymes and do activities that reinforce the song’s principle, their long-term memory is developed. Taking advantage of the song’s repetitive nature can help when introducing and reinforcing new concepts.

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