How A Daycare Center For Kids Can Help With Independence

Daycare Center

Daycare Center

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A key priority of being a parent today, is to ensure you raise independent, confident children. Because more families are double-income generating, modern parents find themselves looking to daycare centers for their children where they are taught to increase independence.

Independence is a very important aspect of a child’s development, however the level of expectation we have of our children should always be age-appropriate. Children start seeking independence as early as the age of two, and will continually strive for more as they grow and develop. It is a very common oversight of busy parents to assist their children with simple, age- appropriate tasks, instead of allowing them the time and freedom to complete it themselves.

Why is Independence Important?

The very beginning stages of independence is learning to do things alone. This includes making decisions, taking ownership of a task and living with the consequences and outcomes of choices made. These skills equip children to cope better in adulthood. 

What are the Benefits of Independence in a Child?

  • Gaining First-Hand Knowledge

    When a child is able to perform tasks on their own, regardless of the outcome, they learn more efficiently. Learning through life-experience also heightens the development of a unique well-rounded personality.

  • Heightened Sense of Self-Esteem

    Accomplishing things on their own encourages a better feeling of self-worth, which then gives the child more confidence to face situations head on.

  • Handling Failure and Dealing with Stress

    By allowing children to fail, and experience the results will teach them to deal with cause and effect, learn from it, and move past it with greater ease.

  • Develop Personality

    Learning to make decisions on their own teaches a child about their likes and dislikes which contributes to emotional maturity.

Helping children to toward independence has since become a focus of preschool programs, even though it may take some time to get right. It is important for you as a parent to choose a day care center that will foster your child’s confidence, and therefore encourage greater independence. As your little one begins to master new skills, they will begin to experience a heightened sense of capability. The more enabled a child is, the more independent they will become.

How Can a Daycare Center Help with a Child’s Independence?

  • Self-Help

    When children practice self-help skills such as feeding and dressing themselves, they are strengthening their fine and gross motor skills. Completing activities themselves can be a vehicle to a sense of pride and achievement, as well as the confidence to be self-sufficient.

  • Better Social Skills

    Teachers are trained to encourage social engagement, curiosity and help children develop emotional skills so they develop trusting relationships with others.

  • Improved Vocabulary

    Children are taught to express themselves through conversational development games, as well as singing, modeling and answering thought provoking questions and engaging in dialogue with their peers.

  • School-Readiness

    A reputable daycare center will give your children the necessary skills to perform at the appropriate level, better preparing them for kindergarten and elementary school.

When becoming independent, children learn about right and wrong, are better equipped to make their own decisions with confidence, improve skill sets and develop their own unique personalities. While we as parents play an integral part in our children’s development, we also rely on the help from caregivers and teachers at daycare centers to further encourage and improve on it. Finding a quality daycare center that teaches children the “real” skills they need, will set the foundation for scholastic success and life-long skills they will take with them throughout life and into adulthood. 

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