Child Care Programs And Early Intervention

Child Care Programs

Child Care Programs

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Child Care Programs are not only important for your child’s development, but they are also a useful way for identifying any developmental delays that may occur. Each child grows at their own pace, some developing faster than others in certain areas. While child care programs can help develop social, emotional, cognitive, and physical skills, they can also help prevent any delays in some of these developmental domains. This is where the early intervention program comes in!

Why Do We Need Early Intervention Programs?

The reason for early intervention is to identify and address any developmental delays. This is critical, because a developmental delay needs to be discovered as early as possible – the sooner one can identify a potential problem, the faster it can be fixed. Some developmental delays, if not addressed, can cause permanent delays in abilities later on in adulthood, such as learning problems or delays in language ability. There are periods in a young child’s life where the central nervous system (the brain and spinal cord) is particularly sensitive in the development to certain changes in the environment. If a child does not receive the appropriate care and environmental stimuli, certain skills may be underdeveloped later on in adulthood. These sensitive periods of development are known as critical periods. Intervention programs need to occur during these critical periods in order to help children reach developmental milestones.

What Is An Early Intervention Program?

An intervention Program usually offers specific support services to infants and young children with disabilities, and these services also extend to the child’s families. Disabilities and developmental delays differ considerably from person to person; therefore, an intervention program consists of a variety of services to help each child and his/her family. Some of these services include family education and counselling, home visits, and parent support groups, along with occupational, speech and physical and psychological therapy. Even nutrition and nursing services and assistive technology devices are included. Young kids can receive an early intervention assessment and if eligible, can receive early intervention services. An evaluation or assessment should be organized to determine if your child needs an early intervention.

Although all children develop at their own pace, there are general developmental milestones that all children should reach at specific ages. Some children are automatically eligible for early intervention services. This may include children born prematurely or diagnosed with a developmental issue before or immediately after birth.

As per the website zerotothree “each state chooses how a child becomes eligible for early intervention services. Most states require that children show a certain level of developmental delay to qualify, and so an evaluation or assessment will determine whether your child is eligible for services.”

How Can Child Care Programs Help Identify Any Developmental Delays?

At Stone Brook Academy, our staff is well equipped with skills and knowledge on child behavior and development. We are able to identify if any child may be delayed in an aspect of development through observation and outcome-based assessment tools. Although we don’t offer intervention programs, we are able to help you identify, address and collaborate with professionals in programs that can address concerns.

Our staff has oodles of experience with children. We are able to observe and collaborate with families and professionals regarding children and their development. We have access to refer to an appropriate early intervention service in the area. Our blog describes a range of child care programs that we offer: Infants, Young Toddlers, Older Toddlers and Preschool. Contact us and schedule a tour to see how we care for our children!

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