Celebrating Preschool Milestones with Your Child

preschool milestones

preschool milestones

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All children develop and grow at their own pace. They don’t all reach the same preschool milestones at the exact same time but they do all follow a similar pattern of development. Parents should look for a number of different milestones and celebrate them.

Preschool Milestones To Look Out For

It was so much easier to track the development of your child when they were still a baby. It becomes a bit more difficult when they are a preschooler. The development of your preschooler is more mental than physical which makes it difficult to pinpoint. However, it doesn’t make these preschool milestones any less significant or fascinating.

  • Your child’s vocabulary will improve dramatically at this age. They will not only understand more words but will be able to produce more words in complex sentences. They will be able to communicate more fluidly and clearly which is impressive as it happens at such a drastic rate. In addition, they will be able to retain more information like counting and naming colors. Preschool reading is a great activity to enhance this developmental stage.
  • Children at this age will be able to follow multiple instructions. Their improved listening skills and memory is another milestone that shows that they are developing and growing. They will still need some guidance and will only be able to follow instructions that are quite specific. However, it is more than they were able to do before and it is an indication of good development.
  • Pretend play becomes more common. Children are able to use their imaginations and this should be encouraged. This is a big step in their cognitive development and is shown to be a necessary step in improving their cognition for the future.

Celebrating Preschool Milestones

There are so many special times during the development and growth of your child. It is important to make sure your child feels encouraged and supported when they have reached a milestone. The confidence boost will make them feel better about themselves and they are more likely to try and achieve more. You should encourage all milestones, even if they seem small to you. All of these milestones mean the world to children, especially if they are receiving praise for it.

There are many ways to celebrate preschool milestones.

  • Sometimes a simple gesture to show that you are proud is enough to make your child feel special. A hug or “Congratulations!” could mean the world to them.
  • You could gift your child with a special treat for reaching a milestone. This could be candy or even their favorite meal for breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert.
  • Enjoying a fun activity could be a way of celebrating your child’s milestone. This could be an activity enjoyed by the family or the invite could be sent to friends and extended family depending on the milestone. This activity could be anything from going to the cinema to going to the park or children’s play center.
  • Engaging with your child could help improve their skills. Engagement and affirmation work together to ensure that you have a well-rounded and confident child. Positive comments and reactions affirm some behaviors and ensure your child that these behaviors are good and appropriate. Take part in these activities with your child to let them know that you approve of their activities.

You, as the parent, should use your instinct to decide which celebration is most appropriate for the milestone. Some children might struggle more than others with a particular skill. Once they reach this preschool milestone it may seem like more of an achievement for them than it might for any other child. It is all dependent on the child and their ability. But remember, affirmation and encouragement is vital in ensuring that your child has the confidence and the motivation to achieve many more milestones in their lives.

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