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Preschool Activities

10 Fun, Fall-Inspired Preschool Activities For Young Learners

We have ten fun-filled and exciting preschool activities to get your children excited for fall! 1. Nighttime Process Art Mark the beginning of fall with an event that celebrates the autumnal equinox. Kids can learn the science behind changes in season and what happens on this date that is almost exactly half day and half night. This also gives them…

Teaching Preschool Children

Teaching Preschool Children To Be Accepting Of Others With Special Needs

Children, especially around preschool age, are naturally curious. They like to ask a lot of questions, and when they’re taking classes with others, they might start asking about other kids in their class with special needs. This doesn’t need to be a conversation that causes stress, as it’s much easier to teach your children to be respectful of their classmates…

Daycare Centers

Are Behavior Charts Helpful In Daycare Centers?

As parents, teachers, and caretakers we are tasked with finding new ways to motivate children to encourage positive behavior. Behavior charts have become a popular way to help children visualize how their favorable behavior is rewarded but are behavior charts healthy for overall growth and development? Do they have a negative impact on the motivation of children later on or…


Preschool Versus Online Education Programs

There’s a growing trend toward keeping children home and educating them using online education programs instead of sending them to a physical preschool. With the attraction of preschool education at a lower cost, thousands of parents are signing up. While the reports show that most of the children make good academic progress, their learning is limited to ‘narrow functions’ such…


The Importance Of Health And Safety Practices At Daycare

Are you a parent who has to make the important decision of which daycare is best for your child? We know that the health and safety of your child are not-negotiable, so let’s have a look at some critical questions you need to ask, and have answered, regarding health and safety measures, that will help you make this important decision….

Preschool STEM Activities

Preschool STEM Activities

A preschooler’s brain is like a sponge. This is the perfect age to capture their imaginations and introduce them to the wonders of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). The academic concepts behind the activities might be too much for them to fully grasp, but exposing them to the ideas in action will spark curiosity and fascination that will attract…

Safety In Preschool

Teaching Children About Safety In Preschool

Knowing exactly what your child is learning regarding safety at preschool can bring you peace of mind when you drop them off every morning. There are different levels of child development that will result in different rules for different ages. For example, a one-year-old won’t need to know how to hold sharp objects, but a four-year old will. When you…

Daycare Centers

How Daycare Centers Can Help Teach Tolerance

Your child is exposed to growing diversity every day, and because they spend most of their time at their daycare center, what better place to teach them about tolerance than at preschool. There are many activities that involve breaking the barriers and teaching your child about tolerance – as no doubt they will be exposed to diversity beyond their daycare…

Daycare Center

How A Daycare Center For Kids Can Help With Independence

A key priority of being a parent today, is to ensure you raise independent, confident children. Because more families are double-income generating, modern parents find themselves looking to daycare centers for their children where they are taught to increase independence. Independence is a very important aspect of a child’s development, however the level of expectation we have of our children should always…

Child Care

Why Quality Matters For Child Care

Our modern world is a fast-paced blur, and more and more parents are forced to work full time jobs, leaving their child in need of care. From infancy to around five years, children are  in his/her most critical developmental stage. A young child needs a proper foundation of care, and one of the most important factors in a child’s life…

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