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Infant Daycare

Age Appropriate Environment In Infant Daycare

It is important to incorporate an age appropriate environment within infant daycare that promotes both the development and safety of children. We have some components you should look out for to ensure your child is being well taken care of. 1. A Well-Trained Staff One of the best ways to differentiate between a high-quality childcare environment from a poor one…

Infant Day Care

What To Pack In Your Infant’s Day Care Bag

Preparing your infant child (or children) for day care can be an overwhelming task. Having to part with your child for what is likely the longest period you’ve been away from them to date, is an already emotional experience. You’ll want to be sure that you’ve included everything in their day care bag so the day care staff will be…

Sensory Bags

Daycare Activities For Infants: Sensory Bags

Parents of small children are constantly amazed at how quickly they develop and grow. Every time they are exposed to any form of texture, color or sound, we assist in developing their cognitive skills. Knowing how vital this is to their development has encouraged parents and teachers to think out of the box and make this important interaction fun too….

infant daycare

The Benefits Of Infant Daycare

Every new parent dreads dropping their new baby off at infant daycare when they have to return to work. Not only will they miss their baby, many parents think that daycare will affect their child’s intellectual and social well-being. Others fear that it may threaten their bond with their baby. However, ongoing research has proven that under most conditions, infants…

Infant Education

Infant Education And Early Childhood Mental Health

The early years of a child’s life are crucial and they can set the foundation for the years to come. Studies in early childhood mental health and infant education are based on this central idea. Detecting any mental health disorders as early as possible will mean that your child receives proper care and treatment. They can be noticed from as…


Preparing Yourself For Infant Daycare

There comes a time in every parent’s life where they need to release their beloved child to the care and supervision of another. Depending on the individual situation, this may happen earlier rather than later for some. A nurturing infant daycare is the perfect solution for parents who need to return to work after having a baby. Yet in many…

Daycare for Infants

Tips for Choosing A Daycare for Infants

Finding the right daycare for your infant can be an extremely difficult task. You don’t want to choose just any convenient daycare for infants as your child is an important part of your life. There are a variety of things that you’d need to look out for to ensure your infants’ safety and your own peace of mind. Things To…

infant activities

Infant Activities That Promote Learning

Your infants’ brain is like a sponge soaking up information from the onset of birth, which is why you should help promote their learning with child-friendly infant activities from the onset. This may sound daunting, but simply incorporating learning into everyday tasks such as snack and bath time, grocery shopping or mom/dad and baby relaxation time, are often the best…

infant child care tips

Infant Child Care Tips

As a parent, it can seem daunting to ensure that you are doing the right thing with your infant child. Your child is constantly on the go and growing, requiring much attention and energy. We’ve compiled a list of top infant child care tips to help make your life a little easier as well as help you feel more comfortable…

infant childcare

What Your Child Learns At Infant Childcare

Infancy is an extremely susceptible age – the tender time between birth and two years old is vital for long-term development. Your choice in infant childcare will have an important effect on the early influences on your child. Understanding the needs of your child during infancy is vital in order to maximize on their later development. A good infant childcare…

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