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Teaching Preschoolers Self-Control

Teaching Preschoolers Self-Control

Self-control is a fundamental skill that will be carried through one’s life. Being able to distinguish what you really need and what you want coupled with the ability to understand your emotions and how to react because of them is equally as important. Children are very impulsive by nature, so it is vital they learn self-discipline at a young age….

Toddler's Speech Skills

How To Improve Your Toddler’s Speech Skills

When it comes to your toddler’s speech, you’re probably worried about a lot of things – are they talking right, are their pronunciations correct, are they starting too late, am I doing this right… the list can go on. Don’t worry! All you need to do is include these tips into everyday activities that you can do with your toddler,…

Childhood Development

Levels Of Childhood Development In Preschool

From the day they are born, babies change and reach certain milestones. The first smile, they first word, the first time the roll over or sit, all these changes are monitored and celebrated by all who love them. The preschool age also sees many changes and as parents we sometimes worry that our child is not developing at the same…

Child Development

How Toys Can Help With Child Development

Children love to play and they really like toys – a lot! The misconception about toys is they provide entertainment only.  Many of us don’t realize that toys assist with child development. Most toys provide an opportunity for an infant or toddler to learn by touching, feeling, looking. Play toys are designed to ignite imagination, to stimulate the senses and…

Daycare For Toddlers

Daycare For Toddlers Offers Potty Training Tips

Potty training is one of the milestones that every toddler should reach, though it can be quite a daunting experience for both parents and kids. What follows are some potty training tips from us at Stone Brook Academy to help you and your toddler ease through the transition from diapers to using the toilet. Find Out If Your Child Is…


The Types Of Play Your Child Experiences At Daycare

Children learn about their environment from infancy, and this goes hand in hand with how they interact with their surroundings. When they are ready to enter daycare, your little one will begin to interact with their world through different types of play, and this is essentially how they learn. Discover the different types of play children engage in, and what…

Preschool Lessons

How Preschool Lessons Influence Life Long Learning

From the moment your baby is born, right through toddler years and early childhood, their experiences shape who they become. These experiences are critical for your child’s development, because it determines the way they learn later in life as adults. This foundational development is seen as very important in education, therefore preschool lessons need to be tailored to meet the…

Child Care Programs

Child Care Programs And Early Intervention

Child Care Programs are not only important for your child’s development, but they are also a useful way for identifying any developmental delays that may occur. Each child grows at their own pace, some developing faster than others in certain areas. While child care programs can help develop social, emotional, cognitive, and physical skills, they can also help prevent any…

Infant Education

Infant Education And Early Childhood Mental Health

The early years of a child’s life are crucial and they can set the foundation for the years to come. Studies in early childhood mental health and infant education are based on this central idea. Detecting any mental health disorders as early as possible will mean that your child receives proper care and treatment. They can be noticed from as…

Toddlers Daycare

Learning Healthy Life Habits In Toddlers Daycare

During their early years, toddlers make great strides in terms of development. They learn about the world around them, and studies show that learning at this age is best achieved through play. With exploration and play, children socialize with their peers, improve their fine motor skills, as well as their cognitive and language skills. Another benefit of toddlers’ daycare is…

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