Age Appropriate Environment In Infant Daycare

Infant Daycare

Infant Daycare

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It is important to incorporate an age appropriate environment within infant daycare that promotes both the development and safety of children.

We have some components you should look out for to ensure your child is being well taken care of.

1. A Well-Trained Staff

One of the best ways to differentiate between a high-quality childcare environment from a poor one is the staff training and education around infant care and early childhood development.

Early care education focuses on the unique learning techniques caregivers can use for babies and toddlers to help cultivate their learning from a young age. Early care education helps caregivers plan appropriate activities for infants and incorporate learning into everyday routines which will help produce cognitive stimulation.

2. Creating Safe Spaces

Babies and toddlers learn continuously through interacting with their environment. Infants need safe spaces to actively explore and play in. Babies also need a safe space to sleep throughout the day, as well as a safe space to interact with their individual caregivers. Babies will need a wide variety of interactive toys and games to choose from that will suit their interests individually, rather than only for group play.

3. Primary Caregivers

Having each child assigned a primary caregiver promotes the opportunity to create a nurturing, caring one-on-one relationship between the baby and the caregiver. This will increase the chance that they will develop a close and trusting relationship with their primary caregiver because the baby will get used to having their caregiver as a part of the daily routine. This will further enable the child to flourish later on in group care. Sticking to one primary caregiver also adds stability for the child which is important in building emotional development.

4. Emerging Language and Literacy

To create an environment that allows children to enter the path to literacy at a young age, conversations between the caregiver and the young child are important.

Something to remember is that the caregiver is essentially laying the foundation for language and reading. Caregivers should talk out loud with the child about what they’re doing, repeating back to them what they think the baby is trying to tell them. They should be asking them questions, reading books and singing songs. A high-quality childcare facility should be filled with age-appropriate books, pictures, and toys to make it easier for the caregiver to converse with the baby throughout the day.

5. Active and Responsive Caregiving

Active and responsive caregiving involves careful observation from the caregivers of each individual child’s actions and responding to their needs appropriately. An example of this is recognizing signs of stress in a child. Monitoring their behavior by learning and understanding what has caused the child stress. Taking appropriate action to relieve the stress starts with adapting to their particular needs.

Responsive caregiving takes years of experience, education on early childcare, patience and a true love for the children they care for.

At Stone Brook Academy, we promote education and learning not only for the children that we provide care for but for our caregivers as well. Our teachers are highly trained to assist each child in reaching their developmental milestones and help them be prepared for both social and academic success. Our educational philosophy is to promote learning through play so your child will never be bored.

If you’re looking for a safe, nurturing, and fun daycare facility for your infant, then look no further than Stone Brook Academy. We believe that meeting the needs of each individual child is extremely important to further their development, so give us a call today if you would like to discuss how we can assist in meeting the needs of your child.

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