A Guide to Child Care Programs



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Choosing the right child care program can be stressful. It is not only dependent on the age of your child but also the type of experience you want them to have. Different schools offer different learning experiences. We offer a variety of different age groups and activities to serve the needs of all children.

Infant Child Care Program

Infants are curious about investigating all the sounds, smells and feels of the world. Everything is new and intriguing. In addition, they develop a sense of self-awareness. They begin seeing themselves as separate, individual beings.

Infant care creates an environment that provides your child with many opportunities to explore and enjoy the world through sound, smell, touch and movement. Our program focuses on:

  • Bonding between child and teacher
  • Your child and their peers
  • Language acquisition through reading
  • Singing and stimulating interactions
  • Understanding senses with the use of tactile objects, and
  • Developing gross as well as fine motor movement with educational toys

We operate our infant care program in a room that allows for free movement while keeping your child safe and encourages stimulating interactions that will help your child respond and engage with those around them.

Young Toddler Child Care Program

In this program, your little one will be taught more practical life skills and activities like buttoning, watering, and dish washing for example. This will teach them:

  • To be more independent and involved
  • Fine and gross motor skills
  • Hand-eye coordination, and
  • Positive work habits.

Young children become more aware of cause and effect at this age. They discover the fact that their actions could be the cause of something happening. For example, they notice that if they shake a rattle, it makes a sound. The classrooms are filled with toys that encourage this discovery of cause and effect.

Children will be taught to use language to identify objects and ask for what they want. This is a very basic level of speech but it serves as the foundation for language acquisition. It is the building blocks for speech, expression and interacting with others.

Older Toddler Child Care Program

Children will be encouraged to improve on their sensory skills. They will be exposed to real life examples of different textures using water and sand during play. In addition, they will be taught how to identify different colors and shapes to help them make sense of the world around them.

Listening to stories and singing songs will further improve their language acquisition while their gross motor skills are improved with the introduction of more physical activities like climbing and jumping for example.

In this program your child will be exposed to basic mathematics. They will be taught using books, toys and finger counting. They will be encouraged to count objects and recognize numbers.

Preschool Child Care Program

The teachers at our school are trained to monitor the development of your child. Teachers will observe and supervise children, while monitoring their development and learning. This progression will be communicated to parents by teachers on a regular basis.

Learning through play is one of the most effective ways for children to learn. It encourages creativity and imagination. It is used to encourage your child to work more independently or to work well with others. In addition, it is implemented to improve the fine motor skills of your child. We also use technology as a method of teaching. Many people are weary of introducing technology too young, however we believe that with technology being an intricate part of our existence, balance is key. Technology should be used to create an environment that is stimulating and intriguing to children. Our classrooms have touch boards that allow for interactive learning with active engagement from your child.

Our child care and preschool programs are focused on the needs and abilities of your child. They are inclusive and provide an environment for different types of learning. Not all children learn in the same manner or at the same pace. We make sure that we cater to a variety of needs in order to ensure that all children have the same access to effective learning.

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