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STEM Childcare

STEM Childcare Gives Your Child The Freedom To Create & Explore

It seems that there’s a lot of pressure on children to learn about STEM subjects before they’re even old enough to start school. Here we’ll talk about STEM in childcare and why it’s important for young learners. Is STEM Relevant to Explorative and Creative Learning at the Preschool Level? The response to this is twofold: STEM is Futuristically Necessary First,…

Preschool Activities

10 Fun, Fall-Inspired Preschool Activities For Young Learners

We have ten fun-filled and exciting preschool activities to get your children excited for fall! 1. Nighttime Process Art Mark the beginning of fall with an event that celebrates the autumnal equinox. Kids can learn the science behind changes in season and what happens on this date that is almost exactly half day and half night. This also gives them…

Teaching Preschool Children

Teaching Preschool Children To Be Accepting Of Others With Special Needs

Children, especially around preschool age, are naturally curious. They like to ask a lot of questions, and when they’re taking classes with others, they might start asking about other kids in their class with special needs. This doesn’t need to be a conversation that causes stress, as it’s much easier to teach your children to be respectful of their classmates…

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