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Daycare Centers

Are Behavior Charts Helpful In Daycare Centers?

As parents, teachers, and caretakers we are tasked with finding new ways to motivate children to encourage positive behavior. Behavior charts have become a popular way to help children visualize how their favorable behavior is rewarded but are behavior charts healthy for overall growth and development? Do they have a negative impact on the motivation of children later on or…


Preschool Versus Online Education Programs

There’s a growing trend toward keeping children home and educating them using online education programs instead of sending them to a physical preschool. With the attraction of preschool education at a lower cost, thousands of parents are signing up. While the reports show that most of the children make good academic progress, their learning is limited to ‘narrow functions’ such…


The Importance Of Health And Safety Practices At Daycare

Are you a parent who has to make the important decision of which daycare is best for your child? We know that the health and safety of your child are not-negotiable, so let’s have a look at some critical questions you need to ask, and have answered, regarding health and safety measures, that will help you make this important decision….

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