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Infant Daycare

Age Appropriate Environment In Infant Daycare

It is important to incorporate an age appropriate environment within infant daycare that promotes both the development and safety of children. We have some components you should look out for to ensure your child is being well taken care of. 1. A Well-Trained Staff One of the best ways to differentiate between a high-quality childcare environment from a poor one…

Preschool STEM Activities

Preschool STEM Activities

A preschooler’s brain is like a sponge. This is the perfect age to capture their imaginations and introduce them to the wonders of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). The academic concepts behind the activities might be too much for them to fully grasp, but exposing them to the ideas in action will spark curiosity and fascination that will attract…

Preschool Curriculum

Adding Art Into The Preschool Curriculum

It’s easy to look at a child’s art and take it at face value — a mix of colors or mediums with a subject that may or may not be immediately discernible to us. But when we look deeper into the benefits of art in fostering creativity and improved academic performance, that pencil drawing becomes something else entirely. At Stone…

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