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Sensory Bags

Daycare Activities For Infants: Sensory Bags

Parents of small children are constantly amazed at how quickly they develop and grow. Every time they are exposed to any form of texture, color or sound, we assist in developing their cognitive skills. Knowing how vital this is to their development has encouraged parents and teachers to think out of the box and make this important interaction fun too….

Daycare For Toddlers

Daycare For Toddlers Offers Potty Training Tips

Potty training is one of the milestones that every toddler should reach, though it can be quite a daunting experience for both parents and kids. What follows are some potty training tips from us at Stone Brook Academy to help you and your toddler ease through the transition from diapers to using the toilet. Find Out If Your Child Is…


The Types Of Play Your Child Experiences At Daycare

Children learn about their environment from infancy, and this goes hand in hand with how they interact with their surroundings. When they are ready to enter daycare, your little one will begin to interact with their world through different types of play, and this is essentially how they learn. Discover the different types of play children engage in, and what…

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