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Preschool Lessons

How Preschool Lessons Influence Life Long Learning

From the moment your baby is born, right through toddler years and early childhood, their experiences shape who they become. These experiences are critical for your child’s development, because it determines the way they learn later in life as adults. This foundational development is seen as very important in education, therefore preschool lessons need to be tailored to meet the…

preschool children

Why Young Children Say They Are Bored

In today’s world, you may have noticed that there has been an increase in the level of boredom and distractedness in young children at school and in day care settings that provide an educational background.  Occupational therapists have noticed this, along with seeing continued decline in children’s social, emotional and academic abilities, as well as an increase in mental disorders…

Child Care Programs

Child Care Programs And Early Intervention

Child Care Programs are not only important for your child’s development, but they are also a useful way for identifying any developmental delays that may occur. Each child grows at their own pace, some developing faster than others in certain areas. While child care programs can help develop social, emotional, cognitive, and physical skills, they can also help prevent any…

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