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Important Questions To Ask When Touring A Preschool

The prospect of sending your child to preschool can be daunting, especially if you’re a new parent who’s never had to send a child to school before. It’s perfectly natural to be anxious about choosing a preschool for your child – after all, the quality of your child’s early educational experience will have a significant impact on their development. Touring…


Daycare: More Than Just Watching Your Child

As a parent in this fast-paced world, juggling your work and having to take care of your children at the same time is not child’s play. This is where childcare structures such as daycare come in handy. Unfortunately, most people have a traditional or “narrow” understanding of the purpose of daycare, where they think of it as a place where…

Preschool Curriculum

Why Field Trips Are Important For The Preschool Curriculum

A quality preschool helps in the development and growth of your child. It provides a safe space for the enhancing of their growth- emotionally, socially, physically and academically. Children are known to be very impressionable, which makes interactive learning one of the best ways in which children can learn. Well organized and appropriate field trips are a vital part of…

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