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infant activities

Infant Activities That Promote Learning

Your infants’ brain is like a sponge soaking up information from the onset of birth, which is why you should help promote their learning with child-friendly infant activities from the onset. This may sound daunting, but simply incorporating learning into everyday tasks such as snack and bath time, grocery shopping or mom/dad and baby relaxation time, are often the best…

preschool learning

Creative Spaces For Creative Preschool Learning

There are many facets (such as motivation, language, environment) to preschool learning, and many studies have found creativity is as important as the rest. Implementing a creative space for children to explore their arty side is just as fun as creating the pieces of art themselves. Though the thought of it may sound a bit messy and overwhelming, if you…


5 Tips For Easing A Child Into Childcare

The process of easing your child into childcare can be a scary thought, and more so for you as parent than for your child. Children are more resilient than we think and getting used to small changes comes more naturally to your toddler than to you, if you guide them correctly. The following five tips help both you and your…

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