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preschool milestones

Celebrating Preschool Milestones with Your Child

All children develop and grow at their own pace. They don’t all reach the same preschool milestones at the exact same time but they do all follow a similar pattern of development. Parents should look for a number of different milestones and celebrate them. Preschool Milestones To Look Out For It was so much easier to track the development of…


A Guide to Child Care Programs

Choosing the right child care program can be stressful. It is not only dependent on the age of your child but also the type of experience you want them to have. Different schools offer different learning experiences. We offer a variety of different age groups and activities to serve the needs of all children. Infant Child Care Program Infants are…

preschool lesson plans

What Activities Are Included in Preschool Lesson Plans?

To some, the idea of preschool lesson plans can seem extreme, but learning through play is possible and requires a well-planned curriculum. It is important to facilitate fun with an educational objective. A child’s early education has the important task of preparing them for all future academic and social endeavors. The foundation laid has a great influence on the child’s…

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