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preschool games

Preschool Games Are More Than Fun

Preschool games are the ideal way to improve your child’s skills while having fun. These types of games are designed to help with your child’s development, while making the experience enjoyable and engaging. The right combination of fun, games and education can make preschool an enjoyable experience to help your child pick up basic learning skills and so much more,…

infant child care tips

Infant Child Care Tips

As a parent, it can seem daunting to ensure that you are doing the right thing with your infant child. Your child is constantly on the go and growing, requiring much attention and energy. We’ve compiled a list of top infant child care tips to help make your life a little easier as well as help you feel more comfortable…

preschool for toddlers

Why Play is Important in Preschool for Toddlers

Preschool for toddlers breeds development, growth and learning. And, believe it or not, play becomes the cornerstone for all of this. Your child gains invaluable skills through play in preschool. These important experiences cannot be put aside in favor of rigorous testing and formal academic teaching. Playtime offers so much more than what could be gained by sitting in a…

preschool reading

How Preschool Reading Affects Development

As your child’s development is largely dependent on how stimulated they are and what they absorb, preschool reading can give them the boost they need to succeed. At such an impressionable age, your child’s language skills can be significantly broadened, by simply encouraging and fostering a love of reading. Benefits of Preschool Reading Reading to your child and teaching them…

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