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Stone Brook Academy

Providing children opportunities to experience enjoyment while learning through a creative and nurturing environment.

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Registration for Fall 2019 school year is now open

Half day and full day child care options available.

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Our Programs

Young Toddlers
Older Toddlers
Preschool- Pre-K


Our Facility

Safe & Nurturing Environment
Indoor Multi-Purpose Room
Enrichment Programs
Nutritionally Balanced Meals


Our Team

Exceptional Teachers
Low Child to Teacher Ratio
Experienced in Child Development
Community Leadership


Three Reasons to Choose Stone Brook Academy Daycare Center

1. Nurturing Environment Cultivating Learning Through Play:
Guided by highly trained teachers, our curriculum offers playful, age-appropriate learning opportunities for children.

2. Safety and Health First:
We believe that by providing a safe, secure environment, children will flourish and families can relax. In addition, our cleanliness is just as important, down to the very last detail.

3. Superior Technology:
Our program includes exploration and play which is essential to a child’s development. We also provide opportunities to learn through Clever Touch Boards bringing interaction and learning to a new level.

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